Thursday, September 05, 2013

Scenic Highway 30 Oregon

While my mother in law Diana was visiting we wanted to make a trip out to Multnomah Falls. She heard from a friend that the way to go was to bypass the traditional turn off and go a few miles further East and take Highway 30 which follows along the cliff face of the Columbia River Gorge and leads to other falls. We visited Horsetail Falls, Wahkeena Falls,and Latourell Fall totally avoiding the SUPER busy Multnomah Falls. Further up the historic road we came to Vista House which is a beautiful old domed building that has panoramic views of the Columbia River. I am not a fan of heights or narrow two lane roads but put on my brave face and did it all the way back through Troutdale Oregon and back into Washington. It was a lovely tree lined path that I plan to do again.

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