Wednesday, January 22, 2014

New Years Projects

So I worked on some Thank You cards for Halen's birthday gifts using a fun new kit out of the Stampin' Up mini catalog called Happenings Simply Created Card Kit. I LOVE the color combos especially the gray. They are slightly smaller than the traditional cards but just as fun to make. I also worked on my monthly art lesson for Megan's class. This time I made 37(a few extras luckily her class only has 25 students) 6x6 oil pastel colored pages that I then added two coats of black acrylic paint onto to create those scratch off boards. The lesson was to show texture on a 2 D surface. Here is one Megan did with the leftovers which I hope to incorporate into my blog header sooner or later. I also completed one of my swaps. This one was an altered wine cork key chain. I found a bag of wine corks a few months ago at Goodwill at thought it would be fun to craft with. Cheap too for over 75 corks for $4. Since I don't drink the stuff I NEVER would have gotten them on my own. Be prepared for more posts about swaps. I got a bug up my behind and have signed up for a bunch.

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Stephanie Leong said...

Love all of these! Thanks for getting me in on the swaps...I think ;-)