Friday, January 24, 2014

My 2014 Birthday

I've decided not to put a number in front of the word birthday this year and probably all those that follow. Not that most of you don't know how old I am I just don't feel that old. I enjoyed a quiet day of sleeping in, brunch with Theo and the kids, then attending a football viewing party with some of Theo's co workers. After he treated me to dessert at Flash Freeze Dreamery. You can choose from frozen yogurt,gelato,custard or traditional ice cream base as each is made to order using Liquid Nitrogen. We stuck with ice cream for this first visit and I picked Cotton Candy while Theo had Cookies N' Cream. YUMMY!!! I also received some great gifts including a bracelet and a new cookbook from my friend Angela, 2 new books, earrings, and crafting supplies from my mom, my sister sent me a Listography book and more craft supplies, and birthday money and a handmade pillow from my Dad and Stepmom. Thanks to all of you for thinking of me on my special day.

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