Thursday, December 12, 2013

First Washington Snow

On Friday we received our first snow storm in Vancouver, WA. Not enough to close school but fun to wake up to just the same. We got more snow on Tuesday, again not enough for a snow day but made driving a bit tricky. Yesterday Wednesday Dec. 11,2013 I woke up, got Halen all ready to go and hopped in the car. Since it hadn't snowed or rained I didn't think anything about checking the news. We pull around the corner to the school and it's a ghost town. Apparently there was a significant amount of Black Ice on the roads to go with the freezing fog so most of the buses and teachers couldn't make it in for the day. As my friend Angela said "It couldn't have been that bad if YOU drove in it." My thoughts exactly but I did enjoy my little nap when we came back home before risking the roads again for errands. Guess I'm still learning as I go.

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Stephanie Leong said...

Love the snowball fight!