Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Halloween 2013

Thought I would share the few photos I have of our Halloween this year. It was different in a lot of ways but we still had fun. Halen was invited to go Trick or Treating with a friend from school which turned into quite the night on the town with a trip for Frozen Custard and visiting a Haunted Warehouse, she got home at like 11 pm on a school night! Guess I'm learning to loosen the ol' apron strings a bit. Megan and I did a preliminary Trick or Treat around our immediate neighborhood then Theo drove us just up the street to a larger one where she ran us both ragged. I think she could have gone for hours longer if we hadn't said enough was enough at 9pm. In case you couldn't tell Megan was Super Zebra. No I don't know specifically what that is but she decided she needed to wear a cape on top of the rest of her costume. I could have done better with the face painting but I was rushed to get a photo of the girls together before Halen left. She decided she wanted to be Super Girl. After browsing photos online I had it all set up with Ian's help on the Monogram except for the cape. It was the morning of Halloween and I'm standing in Walmart wondering how I was going to make a cape in a few hours with no sewing machine when I had a light bulb moment and grabbed a 97 cent plastic table cloth from the party section and jumped for joy at my quick thinking. It was my favorite part of the costume. I only got a photo of Megan's jack o' lantern as the other 3 met an untimely demise thanks to some neighborhood Pumpkin Chunkers. Oh well they were not my best work anyway as these gourds were very stringy inside.

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