Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Doughnut Debate

A few days after we arrived in Washington my brother in law Andy, along with Ian, made a trip into Portland Oregon where he picked up some VooDoo Doughnuts. I took pictures of the assortment he planned to take back to Arizona and we each got to choose one for sampling. They were yummy. Days later I was online trying to find things to do in my new town and came across a posting for a store here in Vancouver called Dots Doughnuts. I decided a taste test was necessary. I of course took photos of these and the 5 of us devoured a dozen within a few days. The verdict..... To me they were about neck and neck, both having strange toppings or flavored icings, Theo didn't really care, to him they were just doughnuts,kids seemed to think they were both pretty equal too. (sugar is sugar right?)
So I guess the debate is laid to rest at least for me. Dots is much closer and I didn't have to stand in a 30 minute line to get them however I will still make the trek to Portland one of these days to try the famous Maple Bacon VooDoo Doughnut that was missing from our assortment.

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Stephanie Leong said...

I'd like to go with you to find this maple bacon doughnut!