Monday, August 05, 2013

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Hi All Sorry it's been so long but truth be told Blogger and I have not been getting along. I HATE the new template designer and it took me forever to get it to look at least a little like I wanted it. Then I go and move and am now wishing I'd left the old style up as it's more in theme with my new home here in Washington State. Oh well I spent all the time and trouble to change it so I figured I'd live with it for awhile. I hope this blog is still a great place for family and friends to keep up with what our little family is up to and for you to maybe be inspired and/or be amused with my cooking and crafting endeavors. So to start out I thought I would post a picture of the Tissue Paper Mobile I made for Halen's new room. I'd like to eventually add more to give it a fuller look but for a first try I'm pretty happy with it. Enjoy

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Aunt Becki said...

This is so cool. You are so talented. Missing MS junior.