Monday, May 04, 2015

Busy Weekend

We enjoyed another sunny and dry weekend this past week so we spent a lot of time outside. Saturday we took the girls Garage Sale Shopping and to try out a new breakfast place. Linda's Home Plate reminded us of Jerry Bob's back home in Tucson. We picked up a few crafting items and came home to grill a yummy dinner of flank steak, hashbrown casserole and steamed broccoli. Sunday we drove up to Mt. Saint Helen. The closest lookout point was closed and at the visitors center we did visit their museum was closed however we did get a few trinkets at the gift shop and some great pictures. It's hard to believe we were there just 2 weeks shy of the 35th anniversary! On the way back home we stopped at the Volcano Country Souvenir Center and took our picture with Big Foot, got to see some casts made of his footprints, and see some of the history of the area from when the eruption took place even burying an A frame house on the property in mud.

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