Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Advent 2014

To keep Megan and I entertained during the holiday season I decided to participate in Advent. I bought a kit to make our very own Advent Calendar and after days of painting and assembling I punched out some decorative paper and wrote out some activities for us to do. While we didn't get to them all due to weather or time issues we did quite a bit and have some leftover ideas to add to our calendar next year. Some of the things we did were making pine cone bird feeders, sequin ornaments, homemade peppermint hot cocoa, xmas cookies, photo shoot for xmas cards, we drove around looking at xmas lights, camped out under the xmas tree, went to the local marina to watch the ships decorated with xmas lights,and decorated our bedroom doors with wrapping paper, made gingerbread houses,did holiday manicures, and made treats for her classmates. Here are a few photos of these activities.

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Jennifer Dain said...

All of your activities are A-mazing, looks like so much fun. You guys celebrated the season in style!