Monday, March 10, 2014

Snowed In

From Thursday February 6 through Tuesday February 11 we were Snowed In. The schools sent home kids 3 hours early on Thursday as the first storm began to roll in. Ian's classes at Clark were also cancelled and Theo's office decided to cut out a bit early too. It began snowing in earnest around 1 pm and felt like it didn't stop until sometime early Monday morning. Truthfully we got like 3 separate storms that dumped snow and freezing rain on us. Here at our house we had about 5 inches of snow accumulation then freezing rain on top of it. Being as our driveway is the steepest in the neighborhood we didn't try to drive down it at all, only running out of Milk during the whole LONG weekend. We were fortunate that we had power and internet the entire time. Kids did enjoy playing in it using one of our garbage can lids and a jump rope as a make shift sled. It was a very dry snow so it didn't pack very well making our sad little snowman a bit hard to create. Ian and I got crafty on Monday using a garden hoe and rake to clear Theo's side of the driveway so he could get back up it after his shortened day at work. We did learn a few things about our new weather survival situation, 1. when a storm like that is predicted grab extra grocery basics 2. Buy a snow shovel in the off season knowing we may never need it. 3. Ditto with a sled. Enjoy a few of the pictures I took of our snow fun.

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Stephanie Leong said...

The fire looks amazing and the snow was very pretty