Saturday, December 11, 2010

Harry Potter and Megan's 1st Trophy

Megan completed her first season of soccer and was very excited to get her first trophy. After receiving it we came home and she accidentally dropped it on the tile floor. Luckily I was able to superglue it back together good as new but she was VERY upset. If she's anything like her sister this is just the first of many trophies in her soccer career.

Ian and I are Harry Potter fans having read all the books several times. Well we couldn't miss the first part of Deathly Hallows so I surprised Ian on opening night and told him to get his shoes and lets go. We waited in line about an hour or so before we were seated then waited another 3 hours for the midnight showing. I'm surprised Facebook didn't crash when, once seated, EVERYONE in the theater whipped out their cellphones to update their status(Ian included). It was a fun show and a few day later Ian got a recipe for Butterbeer for us to try. Too Sweet for me but fun just the same. Enjoy!

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