Sunday, February 28, 2010

Soccer Updates
Believe it or not Halen has had some soccer games but I haven't gotten many photos due to the weather we've been dealt. She played last weekend (Feb.19-20) in the Jacob's classic. Our first game was MISERABLE and finally called on account of heavy rain and hail we lost 1-0. The second game that afternoon was cold but they ended up tying it up 1-1. The final game on Sunday they lost 5-0 but it was against the best team in the division and they whipped everyone. Halen played goalie and saved a TON of shots. We were approached by 4 separate individuals from that top club team asking if she'd be interested in playing for them as they were seriously impressed with her goal keeping abilities. Thanks to my sister here are a few photos of Halen in action. Enjoy!


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