Thursday, July 31, 2008

Miscellaneous Goodies
These are pictures of things I meant to share with you last week but I took my sweet time doing it. The first is a Sunflower that finally sprouted up in our backyard. I let the girls throw some seeds down a long time ago and with our monsoon weather they finally got going, well 2 of them.(Still waiting for the second one to bloom). The other pictures are of the adorable paint can my friend Angela made me as a thank you for helping her put together some new office furniture. It had all sorts of goodies for doing my nails. Thanks Angela. Lastly is a picture of the door hangers I made for myself and Angela. Last time I was at my local scrapbook store I saw this great vintage looking paper and had to do something with it. I'll be back soon with pictures of Ian's birthday yesterday. Enjoy.

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