Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Blog Slacker

Yep that's me. Sorry I haven't posted lately I have absolutely no excuse. I'm at the computer frequently and I have been working on a few crafting projects I just don't have the enthusiasm to share. I went over my previous posts and decided on a few things to share that I haven't already. First a few pictures of Thanksgiving. I didn't have the camera out much but I did snap a few of my family lounging on the sofa after scouring the sale ads for Black Friday and the second is of my sister and her wonderful Pumpkin Cheesecake. Boy was I sorry to see that finished off. Next is a picture of some more candy bar wrappers I was asked to make and lastly a teaser photo of the kids that may or may not be in my holiday cards. I plan to finish those up and get them in the mail this afternoon. Most of my holiday decorating is on temporary hold until my new sofa arrives on Friday so I hope to jump in with both feet next week. Enjoy

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