Friday, January 26, 2007

Lucky To Be Alive

Right now my son is lucky to be alive. This evening while the rest of the family was finishing dinner he decided to go out back to kick the soccer ball around. Unfortunately he kicked it into our porch posts and it ricocheted into our dining room picture window. Fortunately our older daughter was okay as she was seated with her back to the window and the blinds contained the falling glass. Needless to say my hubby is less than thrilled and Ian will be walking on eggshells for awhile.
Today I also made some cookies that came out great. Giant Cowboy Cookies. They're basically oatmeal cookies with trail mix type items in them. Mine today included M&Ms and Sun-Maid diced dried fruit. I threw in a half a cup of leftover Butterscotch chips as well. Since this post is long enough email me if you would like the recipe.

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