Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Bowling and Build A Bear

For her special birthday treat we took Halen bowling and then to Build A Bear Workshop. She did excellent at bowling beating our scores for the day. She bowled a 100 the first game and 120 the second. True she was using bumpers but most of the time they were not needed. Next we went to the mall for our first trip to Build A Bear. Other than the really long line it was fun. She ended up picking a white and pink bear she named Julie and Theo helped her pick out a cute outfit complete with Skechers Tennis Shoes and a backpack and visor. She also got the bear a pair of PJs for bedtime. While I don't think this would become an event we would do often I think it would be fun to take Megan for her next birthday and maybe to buy new outfits for Halen's new pal.

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Alisha said...

Adrienne & Liam love Build A Bear ... you got some great photos -- looks like a fun time.