Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Christmas Gifts

Today was the last day my friend Angela and I will see eachother for a few weeks so we exchanged gifts today. I just love the glass cookie jar she gave me however I don't trust my kids not to destroy it with each snack attack so I plan to use it to store my ribbons for crafting. She also gave me scrapping supplies to go along with it. Yippee! For her gifts I did a few gift cards and I also made her a joke ornament. She has been wanting one of those fabric softener dispensing balls for awhile and I decided to buy one and make it an ornament. She thought it was great. The kids also swapped gifts. She did a great job selecting their's and they also loved them. I made her youngest a little book with badge holders and pictures of her and Megan that I took while playing at our house-kind of a year in review. I love the way it turned out.

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momzinaz@aol.com said...

This was great, Melanie. I put your blogspot on "favorites" but when I clicked on "melanie's blogspot", they prompted me to sign in and enter a password. What is that all about?

I nominate you "MOTHER OF THE YEAR"